Argegno (CO)
Centro Valle Intelvi (CO)


If you are looking for “Como taps” or “Como faucets”, our taps have all the features to accompany and “finish the furnishings” of bathrooms and kitchens with elegance and brightness.

Our mixers excel in design and ease of cleaning and are made with high quality materials that guarantee reliability in chrome and gears, as well as resistance to limescale.

Each series of taps (mixers, shower heads) is specifically combined with the different furnishing elements to obtain the right coordination with bidets, washbasins, sinks, showers, tubs and kitchen furnishings.

Pavintelvi is also “Como faucets”. Come to our showrooms in Argegno Como and San Fedele Intelvi Como – Centro Valle Intelvi, to choose the solutions that are right for you!

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