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Stoves and fireplaces

Como stoves or Como fireplaces? Come to us!

For over thirty years we have been selling stoves and fireplaces, taking care of everything you need to prepare including finishing the fireplace according to your requests.

During these years we have kept pace with the evolution of technology and with the evolution of solid fuel products (wood and pellets) or as more commonly called today “biomass”.

We are also specialized in the construction of plants in accordance with national and regional standards.

We are qualified for the installation and certification of flues only or for the complete realization of the system including wood stove, wood fireplace or pellet boiler or pellet fireplace!

Visit our showrooms in Argegno Como and San Fedele Intelvi (CO) to view all our “stoves and fireplaces” (pellet stoves, and wood stove) and satisfy your every need.

If you are looking for “Como stoves” or “Como fireplaces”, contact us with confidence!

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