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Como Tinting or Como Tintometer? Come and visit us!

ColorMap is a complete system that allows you to formulate, produce and deliver any color in any quantity in real time.

ColorMap allows to have an almost infinite color range thanks to the spectrophotometer which is able to read a color on any support or material, with the following advantages:

  • Request for special colors, taking into account the changes over the years (additions, retouches, etc.)
  • Request for different color samples in individual sizes
  • Reproduction of any color imposed by urban constraints
  • Faster and cheaper interventions for the applicator
  • Guarantee of results

In addition, ColorMap uses highly concentrated coloring pastes compatible only with a few water-based products to meet the performance requirements of products for coloring facades, coloring pastes and pigments that are stable outdoors and stable in a basic environment, such as products based on potassium silicate.

If you are looking for “Como tintometer” or ” Como Tinting” and “Como paints”, come and visit us with confidence in the Argegno Como and Località San Fedele Intelvi showrooms, Centro Valle Intelvi Como.

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