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Lvt laminate

Pavintelvi Argegno and San Fedele Intelvi Como sells LVT laminate floors or Luxury Vinyl Tile which translated into Italian means: Luxurious Vinyl Tiles that differ from the classic PVC mainly for the shape in which they are presented: they are in the form of a square tile or rectangular more or less extended.

The LVT laminate flooring collections offer a very wide range of decorations of great value among which we find many reproductions of both classic and modern woods, reproductions of stones and marbles and mineral or graphic effects that cannot be found in other types of floors.

Added to this is the possibility of choosing between different laying techniques: total gluing, others are equipped from the outset with an adhesive, with a perimeter joint and they are laid floating like laminate floors and others are laid on a simple support. This variety of technologies allows you to choose the product that best suits the context in which we will have to install it.

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